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Seni Williams - Non-Executive Director, NPL AdvisorsSeni Williams,
Non-Executive Director

Seni Williams is a Non-Executive Director at NPL Advisors.  He holds a BSc in Pure Chemistry from the University of London.

He began his career with Price Waterhouse & Co, London and then worked for International Computers Limited (ICL, now Fujitsu-Siemens) in the UK, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi. He then joined Touche Ross & Co (now Deloitte Touche) in Boston, USA before returning to Nigeria and working for AW & Co Touche Ross (now Deloitte Touche) in several parts of Africa. Seni then joined Tara Systems Limited, rose to Managing Director for several years before retiring.

At Tara, Seni simultaneously introduced the Oracle SQL database system, distributed processing, Unix, TCP/IP and open systems to Nigeria.  Seni personally wrote the world’s first image and BLOB storage subroutines and systems for the Oracle database system which had previously been considered impossible.  He is one of the founders and was the chief architect of the Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN), the purpose of which is to concentrate all Nigerian based transactions and keep them within Nigeria (i.e. email, web-based banking access and access of Nigerian based business domains doing business using the internet) while also acting as an attractive peering point for tech hyperscalers such as cloud, e-commerce, media, social media and other content-rich Internet infrastructure services.

Seni is Chairman of Bel Papyrus Limited, West Africa’s largest tissue products producer; Director of VACC Technical the ME&P subsidiary of ElAlan Construction; one of the Vice-Patrons and founding members of the Nigeria-Spanish Association, an association organized to help foster the relationship between Nigeria and Spain; the Chairman of the Nigerian Chapter of the Millfield Society, the alumni association of the boarding school for which over 400 Nigerians have attended throughout the years.