We offer a broad range of standard and bespoke services.

Our Services

We provide a wide array of services designed to complement rather than duplicate your strengths; and
provide strategic, tactical financial advice and development of successful investments.

“A, B, C” Principles

Bespoke structuring

We provide a full service to ensure transactions succeed. We can also liaise with credit rating agencies, accounting and legal firms to gain the required levels of access.


Straightforward approach to arranging, structuring and financing infrastructure and other large capital projects in sub Saharan Africa.

Cash flow anlysis

Risk analysis and mitigation is key to a transaction’s success. Understanding how to utilise, or otherwise, complex financial models increases the probability of success.

 Provision for Quality Client Care & Service – “A, B, C” Principles.


We pride ourselves on the thoroughness and robustness of our financial advice on any matter we are working on. This will include a detailed analysis and understanding of any key or relevant legal, regulatory, accounting treatment and tax considerations that domestic and/or cross-border transactions inevitably give rise to.

Bespoke structuring

Creating, structuring, tweaking and/or re-structuring individual transactions to meet the specific requirements of our clients is a given. We also have in-house capability to provide plain vanilla debt and equity structuring and arranging. Negotiations require a certain level of local knowledge. A track record with local banks, government departments, third party service providers, including local and international law firms, local and international rating agencies and national regulatory bodies can save a lot of time and effort. This invariably increases the bankability of a transaction and a successful financial close.

Cash flow analysis

When required we have the capability to carry out an analysis of a given transaction’s cash flow, from its initial flow of funds, through on-going flow of funds right to its final amortisation profile and schedule of repayments of both principle and interest on any given transaction or project. This service also includes creating bespoke financial models as well as projecting forecasts based on our financial models.

Our experience of, understanding, and appreciation of the rating methodology used by the internationally recognised rating agencies (the “Rating Agencies”) also enables us to provide models that would assist our clients when discussing with the Rating Agencies. This in-house capability invariably adds value to a client’s negotiating position when discussing with the Rating Agencies in trying to obtain a realistic and credible credit rating either for itself as a body corporate or for a particular transaction.

Let’s talk about our A, B, C principles.